Sample Marketing Communications Plan Template

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Template

 What My Plan Will Entail (modified to meet your needs of course!)

1.Situational Analysis:

External Environmental Analysis

Political factors:

Economic factors:

Social Factors:

Technological factors:

Environmental factors:

Legal factors:

Internal Environmental Analysis

Business factors:

Customers factors:

Suppliers factors:

Stakeholders factors:

Competitors factors:

2.SWOT Analysis.

3.Marketing Communications Objectives:

    Communications Impact.




  1. 4.Marketing Communications messages Objectives (RIP):

  2. Remind.



5.Marketing Communications Strategies

6.Marketing Communications Mix:

(Which tool through which media and which message).

Marketing Communications tools

(The selection depend on your marketing communications objectives and your budget):


Public Relations.

Sales Promotion.

Personal Selling.

Direct Marketing.

Marketing Communications Media (one or more media):

Print Media: newspapers and magazines.

Broadcast: TV and Radio.

Outdoor: Billboard and posters.

Interactive media: internet.


In store POP: stands.

Marketing Communications Messages (one or more types):

Rational message.

Emotional message.

A mix of rational and emotional messages

7.Marketing Communications Budget (2 or more types):

8.Marketing Communications Scheduling:

9.Marketing Communications Implementation, Monitoring and Control.